Pass Plus Course

The Evolution Pass Plus course is a fun, tried and tested method of advancing a new drivers skills after taking and passing the DVSA Practical Driving Test.

The course is tailored to cover the  many and varying hazards of modern motoring, and guides new drivers through the more complex aspects of driving in cities, on motorways, and on country lanes.

Your Instructor will teach you how to adapt your mind-set to the road you are driving on and focus on the particular hazard groups you will encounter along your way, as well as providing tips and hints on how you need to change the way you are thinking as you move form one type of road to another.

Just imagine you have been driving on a motorway at 70 mph for a couple of hours, covering an amazing 32 metres per second, and then turning off onto a 60 mph single track country lane where you could encounter ramblers, horse riders as well as on- coming vehicles: a quick change of mind-set is called for here!  We can guide you through these and many more situations on our excellent Pass Plus Course.

All driving instructors teach differently and to varying levels, but we believe we have developed the ultimate in Pass Plus courses which will honestly make you a much better and more importantly, a safer driver.

Your first module will see you driving into London and facing such rigours as bus lanes, courier motorcyclists, bike riders and even pedal-powered rickshaws, not to mention our friends, the pedestrians: we will teach you to be very aware of what is going on around you and to keep space around your car.

Your second module will cover motorways and dual-carriageways, discussing the differences between them and how to best prepare your car before setting off on your journey.  Breakdown procedures and plotting where you are in case of difficulty are very important aspects of motorway driving and you will made fully aware of what you need to do.

Moving on then to the third major module: country lanes and rural roads.  Some country lanes are literally no more tarmac tracks and you will be referring to your previous 'meeting traffic' lesson to cope with these single track roads.  Other rural roads are wider, have many bends and sharp turns and you will learn how to maximise your positioning on the road giving you a better view ahead so as to maintain a good speed as often these roads are National Speed Limit, i.e. 60 mph.  And you don't want to hit a pothole at that or any speed!

Other modules of your course will teach you about vehicle lighting: however as you know car lights were fully covered in your previous lessons.  And finially you will be taught some very useful tips on how to drive in poor weather conditions.

All in all  Evolution Pass Plus course has been thoroughly developed to meet the many challenges modern motorists encounter on a daily basis, and whilst you were taught to a very high level during your preparation for the practical driving test, driving is a progressive skill, and in reality you never stop learning.

Happy Motoring.

DSA Pass Plus Registered Instructor.