About Us

Mini Evolution Motoring School, incorporating Evolution Motoring School are a Professional Company and cover many areas including Bexhill East Sussex and surrounding areas and Sutton, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Our company is built on the principals of teaching to very high standards in quality, air conditioned Manual cars.

We always strive to maintain competitive lesson pricing, including discounts.

Evolution are proud to be wholly associated with our motoring school and therefore denote 100% of their teaching time to our pupils.  Not all driving instructors can make such a claim: so choose Evolution Motoring School as your 100% full time professional Approved Driving Instructor.

Congratulations to all our pupils who have passed their practical driving test with us during the many years we have been instructing, particularly those who passed with NO FAULTS!

Director Phil Traies mobile 079 3206 2098 and Jon Winslade mobile 077 8403 9993 both A grade instructors apply specialist teaching methods approved by the DVSA and offer Pass Plus: a course designed to take drivers beyond the practical driving test.   See the Pass Plus section of our website.

Below is our Recommended Reading Book Selection or Download Apps:

The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. It explains road traffic law and gives guidance as to best driving practice, with particular reference to vulnerable road users such as horse riders, cyclists and the elderly. The current version was prepared to reflect the changes in lifestyle and technology, giving rules for dealing with driver fatigue and recommendations about the use of mobile phones.
ISBN 0 11 552290 5                              

This useful publication illustrates and explains the vast majority of traffic signals, signs and road markings which any road user is likely to encounter.
It is the most comprehensive explanation of road signs available, and is exceptional value for money.
ISBN 0 11 551612 3                               

If you want to be fully prepared for your car theory test there is no better way than to learn and understand the subject, rather than memorizing the questions and answers. The Official Theory Questions or App download will test you and it is graded just as in the real theory test.

The practical driving test - fully illustrated and written in a clear and easy-to-understand style
The full syllabus and test, explained by the experts who set the standards. Help with your practical test and how to become a safer driver. It covers everything the learner needs to pr
epare for the driving test, from getting on the road to hazzard awareness. Includes information about the new safety checks.
ISBN 0 11 552520 3

Whether you're a new driver or an experienced motorist, this official DSA guide will help you to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to keep you safe on the road. This new edition has been updated to include the very latest information on Eco-Safe driving and avoiding congestion. (This publication mirrors your Instructors training manual, and is highly recommended).
ISBN 0 11 552641 2